Saturday, March 14, 2009

Woah, I have a blog

Yeah, I've been ignoring this blog but maybe I can change this. Keep my DA more focused on photoshop pieces and put my oekakis here.
I haven't drawn any oekakis in a long time and when I recently started again I noticed I got a bit rusty. Dang, I should fix this! Have some doodles:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Story time!

Man, I never thought I was going to pull this one off. I started off thinking it was just going to be a series of quick oekakis stringed together by a little story of no logic whatsoever. Well, the story still doesn't make much sense but it lost a lot of the random element I planned for it in the beginning. The images are supposed to replace part of the text rather than accompany it because, well, I suck at writing.
Without further ado:

Once upon a time, in a gloomy kingdom far far away, lived a gloomy Princess, in a gloomy castle.

And just about every living soul in that kingdom was gloomy. The King and the Queen were gloomy, the peasants were gloomy, even the livestock were gloomy. No one knows why they were like this but they had been for many, many years and no one questioned it.

When the Princess was of age she was called by the King and Queen and told she was supposed to marry but no prince wanted her because of the gloominess. So now she has to set out on her own and find a suitable heir, for the kingdom would be perished without him.

And they sent her away, on a fat, gloomy bird...

The Princess traveled across all of the gloomy land, searching for a suitor, until she reached the border of the kingdom. And then...

She had read about it in books but no amount of words could have prepared her for this.

Funny though, in no book did it mention that there were ever suns. In fact, she clearly remembers being pointed out that there's was only one. "Must be something in this country only" thought the princess.

And indeed it was something belonging to this country only.

Back at the castle no one had heard any news from the Princess in quite a while but a small ray of sunshine pierced the walls of the castle for the very first time. A Prince with fiery red hair had arrived to ask for the Princess's hand in marriage. "Bring our daughter back safe and sound" commanded the King "and we shall grant your wish!"

So the prince left on his fiery red horse.

After a long and arduous road the Prince reached a field who's limits were not in sight. And this meadow was full of strange bushes, scattered here and there, that looked like tiny suns ready to rise.


The Prince soon found out that the red bushes were no plants at all but little, baby dragons.

Hearing their brother scream, the tiny baby dragons all raised and faced the Prince, curiously staring at him.

And before the Prince could react, the little dragons huddled together to form a ball of spikes and fire that pushed him of his startled horse.

The Prince coiled on the ground, thinking not much could save him from the fury of the dragons.

Just as he thought nothing was going to get him out of that situation, the Prince felt two figures approaching so he turned around and glared at the shady characters.

The Dragon and the Princess, holding one of their offspring, stood there, one looking disgruntled and the other simply curious. They didn't have that many visitors around that place though the Dragon knew too well that knights were never good news.

The Prince recognized the Princess from the description her parents gave him. He presented himself and said they must return quickly to the castle for the King and Queen haven't heard news from their daughter in a long time and they're deathly afraid something bad had happened to her.

But the Princess did not want to go back. She knew that the King would never approve of her choice and she did not want to give up her new family nor the sunlight.

The Dragon then suggested they bring something to the King and Queen, like an offering of peace. Even the Princess was afraid the first time upon meeting the Dragon but all that changed. Surely there's a way to make her parents understand.

And so they set out on a long trip and eventually reached the gloomy kingdom. And as gloomy as it was now it had never been before. But the little shinning dragons hoped around casting lights on the trees and the ground, and this gave their parents an idea.

After the Princess was reunited with her parents, all that was left was to convince them to accept her new family.

So the Princess brought her parents to the highest tower in the castle, from which all of the kingdom could be seen, and showed them her sons and daughters. The were hopping around, shinning and lighting up the kingdom, and chasing away the clouds. This brought joy to the King and Queen, who blessed their daughter and her husband, accepting the Dragon as their heir.
And they all lived happily ever after.

Aaaaand, that's it. Bless blogspot's spelling checker, I am too lazy to fire up Word. The ending appears to have the little dragons setting the kingdom on fire rather than illuminating it. I guess that's an ending too, albeit a really twisted one...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oekaki dump

I've been neglecting this blog ever since I got a DA account and I'm sorry for that.
I'm going to post here all the oekakis that I don't upload on DA so at least there's some different content.